Sunday, January 22, 2017

cross county drive, part 2

continuing on our drive through louisiana, we decided to stop by duck commander and get some food from bergeron's boudin + cajun meats. there is nothing like some good cajun cooking! yummmmmmm.

we finally made it to texas! and it was absolutely beautiful. i fell in love with buc-ee's, the open roads, beautiful skyline... and thought i was going to die while driving through dallas. but... i made it! and vowed to never drive through that place ever again

we stayed at campers paradise rv park,  and it wasn't a bad little place! although there was a lot of noise because of the airport being so close, it was close to the interstate and places to eat. as you can see below... somehow alice was always so tired at night - like she did anything but sleep in the car or bark at passing cars. :)

and we were off again!

...until the dodge decided to be uncooperative and i was left with all 4 dogs in my car while the truck was getting the electric fan clutch replaced. 

finally! we were off again. and that sunset! absolutely gorgeous. 

we arrived in amarillo and couldn't NOT stop at big texan. 

as we were leaving the great state of texas... we made a quick stop at cadillac ranch!


enjoy, friends!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

happy 2017!

"new year, new me"

i don't want to change, i want grow.
i want to expand my horizons.
i want to learn new things.
and i'd really like to get a grasp on this "life" thing... but that's debatable.

zack and i have completely jumped out of our comfort zone, 2500 miles from where we called home. i'd say that we've lived enough new years resolutions for an entire suburb...


there are a few goals that i would like to accomplish this next year.

-would i like to lose some weight, get in shape? yeah, sure... but i'm not going to focus entirely on weight. i want to be healthy. i want to feel healthy.

-i'd like to climb a few mountains. nothing big, nothing out of country (yet). i want to explore. i want to immerse myself in nature. i want peace and i want quiet.

-every day, i'd like to write. whether its a sentence about my day or a couple pages from a writing prompt, i feel as if it would be just enough to release some creative juices.

-i want to learn a new language. something useful, something that makes me look smart. you know, no big deal.

-i really really really really really would like to conquer yoga and not kill myself. that's all.

-i want to learn to paint. maybe a self portrait, maybe a beautiful mountain landscape. something that will allow me to work with colors and express the views i see on a daily basis.

anyone else have any goals that they would like to accomplish this year?

enjoy, friends!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

cross country drive, part 1

the best (and most exciting) part about our cross country move was the drive. yes, seriously. although we were apprehensive (or, i guess i should say, i was apprehensive) about driving 2500+ miles across the country, we were so excited to start this new chapter in our lives. 

but first and foremost... we could not have done this without the love and consistent support from our friends and family. we miss you more than words can describe and are so proud to know such wonderful people. thank you for everything you've given us, whether it was your ear, your time, jeep parts, craft beer, or fellowship... we will be forever grateful.

we were able to get in some family photos before we left, which i will forever be grateful for. these amazing people have made me into the woman that i've become today and i could not love them any more than i already do. 

the first moment that made me realize that this move was actually happening was the day our POD was delivered. we had dreamed and hoped and researched this moment for SO LONG that when it finally happened... we were speechless (and maybe a little overwhelmed).

so, we got to work! with some help from some very special people, we were able to get most of our possessions loaded into the continuously shrinking box.

and then the moment came where we had to shove the remaining items of our home into every nook + cranny of the POD, while holding our breaths when it was lifted back onto the truck, praying that it wasn't overweight. once it sped off towards utah with all our possessions and we went back into our very empty house, it was then we felt the realness of our situation.

but before we could leave our little hometown... we had to make sure to cast our vote in the presidential election!

since i kept these babies alive for over a year, i decided that it was in their best interest that i keep them and bring them with us to utah. you know, for science. 

around 2pm on a sunny saturday afternoon, we said "see ya later" to cardinal avenue. i'm not going to tell you that i didn't cry, because i did. i was excited, i was sad, i was scared. with one chapter of our lives closing and another opening, we were on our way to creating our newest adventure. 

we had to make a stop in spartanburg, south carolina to pick up a load leveling hitch. with every bump or pull of wind, the camper was all over the road. sketchy. but thankfully, northern tool was able to help and get us back on the road within an hour. 

we made it to georgia rv park in commerce, northeast of atlanta, around 8pm that night. we ordered pizza and succumbed to our exhaustion - as you can see below, a certain husky was glad to be in a bed rather then the car. 

that next morning, we stopped at cracker barrel for breakfast and continued our drive... 

...where we managed to make it completely through alabama and into mississippi. 

we arrived to yogi on the lake campground in pelahatchie, mississippi around 7pm that night after stopping to pick up some groceries. we were starving!

our spot was right on the lake! it was absolutely gorgeous. 

and just like that... we were yet again on the road. 

enjoy, friends!