Thursday, December 20, 2012

meet mia!

a few weeks ago, our hearts were shattered when we had to put down our beloved weimaraner, austin. he will always have a special place in our hearts for being more human than dog; snuggling with me in the mornings and protecting me at all times; and especially his hatred for toys and, of course, playing. 

our hearts were filled with great sadness, yet yearned for relief. our 1.5 year old chocolate lab kona has been essential to our healing, as she has been hurt as well. we knew we wanted to get another playmate for kona - a puppy, preferably - after the new year, when everything was settled and life was getting back to normal. well, normal as possible. 

last night, i was perusing facebook when i just so happened to check out the page of our local animal control shelter. i had liked the page a few days ago, and hadn't really thought about it until last night. checking out the photos, i gasped in shock as i yelled to my husband, sitting 2 feet away from me, 'look! it's kona!'. and behold! it was kona's look alike! 

a tug occured on my heart, and i emailed, simply inquiring about her. we went to bed with a newfound joy, and woke up to news that behold! she was still alive. our shelter here is 99% kill - which means, HIGH KILL SHELTER. her time had been up, as she had been there for way over 72 hours. the animal control workers searched high and low for a family, and no one had come forward. she was going to be euthanized today.

we met this girl at 8:30am and fell in LOVE. she was perfect! 6 months old, and an exact replica of our precious kona girl. from grunts when laying down and stretching; sitting with her legs to the side; and snuggling so sweetly... they have to be twins! when kona was introduced to mia, she wasn't quite sure what to think... they played and played and played and PLAYED! 

lucky for us, she was completely heart worm/intestinal worm free & caught up on all of her shots. she might have been FREE - yes, FREE! - but to us she is priceless. she now understands that this is her home, and has adapted so well to our life! with being so young, she's done amazing being inside the house and training... i must have a genius on our hands. :) 

our Christmas gift has come a little early.. and we couldn't be happier. 
be joyful! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

decorating 101

okay, okay, i must admit... our home isn't decorated profusely & perfectly for the holidays. 

i set up & decorated my very pink tree yesterday, and that's about the extent this year. since we're going to be gone so much this season, we decided this was muchhh easier! 

disclaimer: our walls aren't really that puke yellow-green color as depicted...

our kona girl posed oh-so-sweetly for the camera last night - with lots of coaxing and just enough treats - so i couldn't resist showing her off.

her holiday photo shoot went PERFECT. the weather turned out to be amazing, and she wore her Christmas bow & santa hat with pride. 


we also have our doors adorned with wreaths, but our doors ALWAYS have wreaths on them, no matter what holiday or season! ever since we bought our house a year ago, i've always wanted our doors to be decorated. i love traveling down the road and seeing front doors and porches decorated - it serves as a design gateway to their house. :)

be merry!

hey, y'all!

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guess who didn't stay 6 feet apart during quarantine?

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