Tuesday, February 12, 2013

hearts and minds

i'm what you call an over-planner. from lists to dinner menus, i over plan every single thing i do. maybe it's a little bit of my ocd, maybe i just like to know what's going on around me at all times... i'm not sure! truth be told, i don't see how my husband deals with it. 

speaking of dinner menus... do you plan out your meals? i do! 

since i don't overly stock my pantry and fridge, {except for when things are at such an amazing price, i can't say no. that's when my freezer comes along!} i plan my meals for the next week {sometimes two weeks, depending on what's going on in my house}, including groceries. 

below is a copy of my calendar for this week: 

tuesday: chili
wednesday: roasted lemon chicken with hashbrown casseroles & veggies
thursday: grilled cheese {w/bacon & tomatoes} with sweet potato fries; triple chocolate cheesecake
friday: shrimp & salmon with linguine, asparagus & broccoli
saturday: slow cooker lasagna
sunday: cilantro lime chicken with corn & couscous

once summer comes i'll be able to can some vegetables {green beans!}, and the rest {corn, peppers, herbs, onion, garlic, potatoes, etc} i'll freeze. my potatoes i'll put in a cool, dark spot. i'll be on a roll! 

also, i like to always keep one week of meals in the freezer just in case something happens. you never know when you might forget something at the store, have a few extra dinner guests, or, like me, completely ruin a meal and need a back up. :)

my husband loves the fact that i tell him ahead of time as what's going on for dinner - and as a plus, i don't have to tell him 35 times what dinner is for that night! 

eat. drink. be merry!

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