Saturday, February 9, 2013

kona girl lovin'

as i lay here snuggled up next to my beautiful kona girl, i can't help but want to share her story with you all.

january 26, 2012. 
my husband was at work, and i was home with our weimaraner austin, cleaning, painting, unpacking. i received a phone call from the hubs, begging me to go onto one of our favorite wheeling websites,

i could hear the excitement in his voice. "there's a chocolate lab! free! someone's giving her away!" all i could do was roll my eyes. seriously? i was happy with austin. he was a human in dog form, and how was he (or i) going to deal with a new puppy? 

after all of my "we don't need a dog!" pleas were unheard, i decided to just please him (the secret of all marriages) and check this dog out.

  i fell in love with her from the few photos i saw, and told my husband i couldn't say no. my heart was already in it.

january 29, 2012.
we drove 1.5 hours away with austin in tow, preparing to meet this 9 month old chocolate lab named kona. i cannot explain to you the joy that filled my heart that day. she played with austin, gave us kisses, and hopped in the backseat, ready to go home. her new home.

the ride home austin was so distraught that we were taking her home, he stretched out onto the entire backseat and only gave her a few inches, which were more than enough for her.

she was perfect! she taught austin how to actually play, and completed our little family. kona is my girl, and i wouldn't have it any other way.

she watches me when i do my hair, and gets mad when i don't put anything in her fur to fix hers. she sits right next to me when doing my nails and paws at me to do hers. she can't go anywhere without a bow on. you can't take her near a body of water {including the bath tub}, as she'll swim until she can't swim anymore {even if its just iced and is 22*}.

she's spoiled rotten and she knows it.

so, go on, hug your pet a little tighter. they love you more than they love themselves.

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