Monday, May 19, 2014

blog hopping

my wonderful mother, Bobbie Frazier, tagged me for a "blog hopping" post. now, I'm not a talented author like she is, but I do have a few other creative processes that I love to do. so enjoy my latest post, as you'll see further inside to the way my mind and body works while creating beautiful things.
my writing process


now, since I'm not an author, I'll exchange some of the wording and processes to cover my hobbies: jewelry making, photography, home diy, recipes, etc. as most of you are aware, my time is kept busy with my two precious chocolate labs, kona and mia, and when my husband is home, he takes up quite a good bit of time as well!
my current projects are as follows: I'm creating a new line of bracelets, to be unveiled soon on my blog; I photographed an engagement session over the weekend that needs to be touched up and edited; work a little on my blog design - who knew it could be so frustrating deciding what colors need to go where; and as always, my mind is constantly filled with home diy projects! a new kitchen color? new curtains? move the furniture around? check!
everyone's style is always different, which is what I love most about being creative. one person may see something entirely different than the next, whether it's adding a different color to a painting or  the way you describe a sunset or using different beads for a bracelet. we were all blessed with an imaginative mind - don't be afraid to push your boundaries and use it!
instead of comparing yourself to someone else's work, focus on YOUR work, YOUR future, how you see it. you would be amazed at how many times I've looked at other people's photographs and immediately felt deflated. "why can't mine look like that?" "how can I make my camera do that?" instead, practice practice practice! be comfortable with your style. embrace it. rather than focusing on what everyone else is doing or thinking, be true to yourself.
let's be honest - everyone's motivation can lack at times! there are certain days where I feel as if I have absolutely no motivation to do anything what-so-ever... and that's okay.  you'll never see me push myself to finish a project - whether it's bracelets, photographs,  redecorating - because then it won't feel right. you can't force something to flow when you can't see it properly in your mind!
my inspiration and motivation comes from everyday occurrences: the beauty in God's graces; an inspirational quote found on pinterest; a vivid dream from the night before. sometimes you just "see it" and think "oh! let me write that down before I forget!" because you don't want to lose that vision.
clear your mind; don't be afraid to try something new; work hard at accomplishing something you've designed; don't compare yourself to others; be proud of what you do.
I don't necessarily have a system that I use all the time when creating, but when I do sit down to work on something, my mind is filled with the statements above. you're creating something you've designed in your mind, now don't be afraid to explore every little detail! you're never going to know if something works until you try it!
well, I sincerely hope you've enjoyed my ramblings and felt somewhat inspired!
check out "Dalton Discovers The Ten Commandments", my mother is working on
her second book now, so be sure and hop back over!
have a blessed day.

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