Saturday, August 1, 2015

life, love, and liberty

sometimes I wonder what really goes on inside our heads... 

"want to sell our house?" ... okay!
"how about we move?" ...okay! 
"...across the country?" ... okay!

aaaaaand here's the kicker... 

"hey, I know we're in the middle of home renovations and getting rid of 60% of our possessions, but... wanna rescue a dog?" ...okay!

welcome to our absolutely insane, crazy beautiful, highly adored life, Miss Liberty! you are a 9 month old chocolate lab who's only wish in this world is to be loved - and well, friends, as most of you know... that is what we were born to do.

although she's not quite sure on why this Mia chick is so hyper and has to jump constantly; and why this happy Kona girl keeps pestering her to play... she enjoys watching them from the safety of the couch. she also HAS to stay right next to her momma at all times... so needless to say, she's fitting in quite well. 

she's quite shy; I've yet to hear her bark (we didn't hear Mia bark for at least two weeks, I believe); I have to coax her through the doorways into the house and bedrooms; she's still not sure how to get off the bed in the mornings; her entire body wags with a rush of happiness anytime you speak to her; and most of all... she's so thankful she just can't stop giving you kisses. 

as the saying goes, "whoever says money can't buy you happiness, has obviously never paid an adoption fee", has never been so true. 

take the time to love your pets a little harder tonight, friends!


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