Monday, August 3, 2015

that outdoor life

so, as we're looking through the house, both inside and out, I'm attempting to visualize what I want our humble abode to look like to appeal to potential buyers... and I have to say, I'm enjoying what I'm "seeing".

there are so many possibilities, but the last thing that I want to do is to get overwhelmed and plan for "too much". as we all know, pinterest can be quite lovely... but other times, may give us a rush of information and ideas that just aren't justifiable. SO. I'm attempting to think in a more relaxed manner... as in... what would be the easiest thing to do with the least amount of work?!

well, a simple white rock layer with some easy to control, shade loving hostas and ferns will hopefully do the trick.

 I'll also want to incorporate a few other things as well - such as the old, rusty tonka truck we have sitting in our front yard and the remaining pots from last seasons "ideas".

since fall and winter is coming (can you believe it's already August?!), I've decided to add some plentifall pansies to brighten up the outside. from what I've read, they survive below-zero temps with little damage and have the ability to spread up to 18". after even more research, I've found that cyclamen is another nice flower that's not only gorgeous but survives those awful winter temps. 

and of course... saving the best for last... ornamental kale and cabbage! I can grow it through the fall and winter with minimal care, which lets be honest, is exactly what I need. 

 I'm hopeful that all this will play out to our favor - but who knows - our minds seem to change so much that we may just end up finding something different at our local green house!

don't be afraid to get your hands a little dirty!

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