Sunday, October 25, 2015

falling into fall

well, since the leaves are changing and the breeze is cooler, i'm going to go ahead and say it... i can't believe that it's already fall. i know, how cliche, right? but... here's the thing. with fall comes a harsh realization... sometimes you learn that the hardest thing about life is realizing who really has your best interests at heart and who doesn't. 

i've said this phrase so many times in my life that i honestly didn't realize what it meant until your heart has absolutely had enough and finally declares, "i'm done". you see how some people will always hold you to a higher standard than others around you, making you feel as if you'll never be good enough. this is where the word "de-clutter" comes into play... 

i'm done with the clutter in my life. i've slowly come to realize what's important and what's not, and with that comes a great sense of pride. you understand that your time is the greatest gift of all, so why waste it on something meaningless that's never going to give you what you want? go through your schedule and determine what you're giving the most time to. is it worth it? if not, change it! yes, change can be difficult in a busy household with children and parents going in fifty different directions, but would you rather be going through motions or actually living your life? 

i'm done with the clutter residing in my home. do i really need fifty different tupperware containers? or fifteen different sets of sheets? or 20 random blankets? okay, maybe this one is the fact we're moving across the country soon... either way, purging the clutter from your home will make you feel lighter, happier, and more importantly, healthier. we're so used to buying things to make our lives easier, but in all honesty, does it really make your life easier? or does it just take up space, creating dust, only to be used on certain occasions? simplicity is key!

i'm done with the clutter in my relationships. there are those you have to weed out after realizing that they really don't care for you or your feelings. we all have them in our life: those who are there only when they need something and conveniently disappear when you need their help. it's mentally exhausting, spending your time and emotions on people who don't do the same for you. you just have to remember... you - and you're time - are better than that. you deserve to have people in your life who are not only completely honest but want to be there for you.

be happy. say yes. enjoy this life - it's the only one you have.

live happily,
act justly,
love wholeheartedly.

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