Sunday, October 4, 2015

that gluten free madness!

let's be honest here... i love food.

pasta, bread, bacon, sweet potatoes, chocolate... everything feasible for consumption, i've probably tried (and liked)... except mayonnaise. yuck.

in May, i was diagnosed with PCOS, and combined with my endometriosis... i'm in a lot of pain, both physically and mentally. while i was in a meeting with my doctor, he had mentioned the possibility of adding a certain restriction to my diet.

although i'm already eating healthy-ish, i was losing weight, and feeling (what i thought) was great. so when the words "low carb" and "gluten free" were cited, my eyes grew wide. but what about my precious pasta?! my delicious bread?! AND POTATOES! yikes.

i shrugged off the idea, because frankly, i didn't even want to attempt at getting rid of all those delicious food items... until now.

i'm tired.
i hurt.
my hormones are driving me crazy.
i can't sleep.

i'm complaining, i know, which i hate to do. it's just... people don't get it. they don't get that you're mentally stable at one second and the next you're questioning every decision you've ever made. because you don't have any "physical" symptoms, they seem to believe that "you're fine" and "it's all in your head".

well, frankly, i'm sick of feeling so... yucky, thus i've decided to make quite a few changes.

number one being the entire "gluten free" phenomenon.

after conducting some - let's be honest... a lot - of research, i decided to just try it. i understand that what may work for one person won't always work for the other, but how are we ever going to know if it works if we haven't even tried it?

i'm not here to give you all these scientific facts and definitions about why it works and what it does, but i will tell you this: anything that basically means "glue", i'm going to assume that it's not exactly healthy for your gut.

and trust me... everyone wants their lower halves working quite smoothly, if you get my drift. all carbs aren't bad and i'm sure all gluten isn't bad, either. but, to see and hear about all the testimonials for PCOS and endometriosis, well, i just can't help but to hope that this may make a small dent in my health.

oh, and that second change... well... it's about my newest adventure - essential oils! but that, my friends, is going to need a much bigger blog post to talk about. catch it later this week about young living and how it's - so far - making positive changes in both mine and my pups lives.

but, hey, i AM here to tell you that i'll be documenting this journey not only on this blog but my instagram as well. feel free to check it out and see how we're all coming along!

be well.

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