Tuesday, October 13, 2015

to essential oil, or not to essential oil...

remember how in my last post, i was talking about how we'll never really know if something works for us if we don't try it out first? 

yes, well... *raises hand*... i'm totally guilty of that... especially when things seem so foreign. 

what are these so called 'essential oils'? 
how are they supposed to help me, exactly? 
how do they even work?

my story into the world of essential oils starts here: liberty.

when we had first adopted this precious little girl, she was absolutely ridden with tick and flea bites. there were nickel sized lumps all over her neck and back, and after taking her to the vet, we learned that they weren't infected, she just had a hard time healing.

a very good friend of ours had recently started into the young living phenomenon, and after i had done some research for my own personal gains, i realized that this might be able to help our littlest rescue. she had recommended to use the essential oil thieves because not only is it used for a healthy immune system but is also used as a daily regimen for just staying healthy. 

well, who could say no to that, right?! after receiving a sample from said friend, i applied a few drops (mixed with coconut oil) to her wounds throughout the day, and what do you know... they healed right up in just a matter of days. DAYS, you guys! 

i had tried EVERYTHING! antibiotic ointments, washes, etc... and nothing was even touching it except this oil. that's when i knew that if it could help my fur-babies in such a positive way, there was honestly no way that i could convince myself that they couldn't work for me.

so, i ordered my premium starter kit, stalked fedex, and jumped for joy when it arrived!

interested in learning more? feel free to send me a message, or get started on your sign up by clicking the link below:


be well!

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