Friday, November 6, 2015


we've finally made a decision on choosing the carpeting for the stairs that head towards the basement! yay! we also decided to just go ahead and carpet the basement as well in an effort to make it feel even "cozier". 

everything will be re-painted in the basement, and we're going for neutral colors. a soft white trim, a light taupe on the walls, a coordinating taupe on the mantle of the fireplace. i believe that the carpet will be able to tie everything in without making it seem too dark... i hope! 

we've also been slowly but steadily putting loads of gravel on both the main and garage driveways. i honestly didn't think that it would make such a difference, but it truly has!

i also decided that if we were going to spruce up the yard, i just couldn't leave the mailbox out! so, we purchased a new mailbox - bigger, of course, that fits my amazon packages! - and added a few address decals. 

i've thought about not only painting the post but adding some more gravel to the bottom as well. i know that i could always "make it prettier", but let's be honest, i do NOT have time for that. so, something a bit simpler should do! 

any suggestions? :) 

be well!

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