Tuesday, December 1, 2015

that fall sickness...


between fevers and allergy issues, this fall has been quite nasty in the sickness department. 

but let me just say... i am so thankful that i've found essential oils! 

when i'm starting to feel my allergies acting up - sinus pressure, headache, earache - i'll always start with a few capsules. making my own capsules is truly one of the best ways to ensure that essential oils get into your system. 

my capsules consist of a few drops (usually 3, sometimes more depending on how often i'm taking them and how bad i'm feeling) of lemon, lavender, and peppermint. if i'm feeling "extra" sickly, i'll add in a few drops of thieves to combat any other sickness hanging out, as well as a few drops of copaiba to help ease the pain of any headaches or earaches. 

i'm also constantly diffusing, whether i'm in the living room watching tv or studying, in the kitchen cooking dinner, or even while sleeping at night. i usually always add R.C. to the diffuser while i'm sick, as it helps to support the immune system and healthy lung function.

making your own "germ" sprays are so simple! i always hated smelling not only the alcohol of hand sanitizers but the chemicals that were attached each time you sprayed something for germs. so i made my own! 

in a 2oz spray bottle, i combined a few drops of thieves, purification, and orange, along with some tap water and a pinch of salt (helps to displace the oils!). you can use it on your hands, on doorknobs, even on countertops! it's the perfect disinfectant spray - and it's all natural.  

i've also made a bottle of just thieves essential oil. i keep it with me at all times, so no matter where i'm at, i have the ability to keep those nasty germs at bay!

how are you all handling the sicknesses that have invaded your home? healthily, i hope! 

continue to be well, folks!

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