Tuesday, January 5, 2016

purging menial clutter

i know, i know...

we all have that stack of clothes or shelves of knick-knacks that we desperately need to go through, but shrug it off for "when we have more time"... yeah... like that's ever going to happen.

while perusing the hgtv website over the weekend, i found an article titled "stop household clutter: 15 things to get rid of right now", and knew i had to share it with you all.

this list reveals perfect and practical ways of getting in the habit right now and doing something about it! it's an easy stepping stone to completely purging your home... trust me.

there are a lot of simple things you have laying around, such as your old calendar, socks without mates, that dried up sponge that sits next to your sink, and expired makeup (*raises hand*) that will literally take less than five minutes to simply go through and trash it. 

trust me, ladies... that faded, 3 month old sponge isn't going to scrub that pan any cleaner, and that mascara that you've had for two years isn't going to miraculously replenish itself. i know, it's really really really difficult to throw things away... but as i said before... trust me! because once you start clearing things out, you won't want to stop!

it's easier to justify keeping everything and storing them for a later time, as your mind starts panicking, what if i need a date from the calendar? then write it down somewhere else! what if i find the matching sock? ...i think we both know that's not going to happen.

becoming more organized and less cluttered doesn't mean getting rid of everything you own and keeping your house spotless. thanks to pinterest, we now have an effective way to manage our stuff, without the clutter, and still look like we have a "lived in" home.

for instance...

hide your wireless router!

furniture that doubles as storage!

using glass jars to replace cardboard and plastic boxes!


keep a storage box in the bottom of your closet. when you're putting clothes away, or find an item that you don't want anymore, instead of leaving it on the hanger "for another day", toss it into the box. once it's filled, send it off to the salvation army for someone else to have! 

get busy, friends!

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