Tuesday, February 23, 2016

tasty tuesday: citrus chicken with rice + beans

i think it comes to no surprise when i tell people that my husband loves food, because really, who doesn't?! what i think i love most about this expression is the fact that he has learned how to not only properly manage a grill + smoker, but produces AMAZING results! 

whether its a pork shoulder, ribs, whole turkeys, beer can chicken, tenderloin... everything he seems to touch seems to be almost magical... honestly. and since he has such a love for the grill, he'll pick up random spices, bbq sauces, rubs, marinades, and hot sauces that he finds all over the country. 

unfortunately, my cupboards are bursting at the seams because of all these wonderful products. eh, well, maybe unfortunately isn't the word... because lets be real here, people... food is everything in this house! so... the more my husband continues to bring home these goodies... the more i have to experiment. {insert double thumbs up here!}

i had a single chicken breast in the fridge that was just waiting on my creativity, and thank goodness, i happened to come across some stubb's citrus and onion chicken marinade. 

now let me tell you... not only do i have a thing for chicken - fried, shredded, broiled, grilled - i am in love with all things citrus and onion. it seems as if no matter what i cook, i'll always add either fresh grown onions or a lemon or lime. not only do they go great together, but that splash of citrus can be so refreshing in the simplest - or spiciest - recipe. 

so, i turned on my itty bitty crock pot (seriously, i love it!), diced up my chicken breast, and threw it into my trusty purple mixing bowl. i then added some himalayan sea salt and pepper, to give it a simple taste... and here's where the fun started. 

after adding my stubb's marinade, i came across a bottle of pineapple curry that always seems to go great with EVERYTHING! alas! the second amendment sauce company is no longer in business, so i tend to use these brilliant sauces sparingly in order to make it last as long as i possibly can... 

because i've been sick for the past week - ugh, bronchitis go away! - i decided that i probably needed to tone the spice down a bit {insert double thumbs down here!}. after realizing that i didn't have any fresh limes or lemons - ugh, sickness go away so i can get to the grocery store! - duh... i have something just as great.

after searching through my essential oil display, i settled on lemon, lime, and orange. not only do they smell so fresh and crisp, but the taste is magnificent! i only added a drop of each since i didn't want to overdo it. 

mmmmm, mmmmm!

i settled on a low temperature and left it in the crock pot for a few hours with a few tablespoons of fresh pineapple juice to saturate the chicken properly. 

i ended up making a mixture of jasmine rice, black beans, corn, kale, avocado, and broccoli to go with my marvelous citrus chicken.

another amazing instance of my husband is the fact that not only does he really get my love of cheese, but he buys me packages upon packages of fresh, natural cheeses.... so of COURSE i had to add some habanero havarti.

i'm never dissapointed with Fair Oaks Farms!

since this dish isn't so "one pan", you can always add it into a tortilla with an avocado crema to soften things up a bit. 


go and eat, friends!

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