Tuesday, March 22, 2016

one step closer!

you guys.

i'm so excited to show you all the photos of our home. now that it's officially for sale, i've had to not only super clean my entire house (YIKES!), but i also tried to take the best photos possible in order to show the true beauty and comfort of our home.

excited isn't even the word, really. 

before we put it on the market, we decided that some changes and upgrades needed to be made before it even went public. and since money doesn't grow on trees (kinda, sorta, not really...) we had to wait a significant amount of time before making it "public", so to speak.


it's officially on the market! i'm excited. i'm nervous. i'm worried. i'm pleased. i'm everything all rolled into one, really.

so, please, friends. share our cozy little home for everyone to see (and for someone to hopefully buy!). and as an incentive to get our home out there, if you refer someone who purchases our home, we will hand you $500 cash. 


wish us luck!

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