Tuesday, March 1, 2016

tasty tuesday: spinach + ricotta stuffed chicken breast

Posted by Healthy Life Land on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

when i saw this video on my facebook news feed, not only did i know that i absolutely HAD to try it, but i also needed to change a few things around. as much as i may love spinach, i felt as if it needed something a little... extra.

so, i diced up some spinach, basil, and parsley, and added it to the pan with a little butter and a little bacon. i sprinkled on some garlic salt and let it cook until it was a deep, leafy green color.

during this time, i sliced up my chicken breasts and made sure my ricotta was ready to add to my spinach + bacon mixture. 

i directly added the ricotta into the pan and let it settle with the spinach for about a minute. once the ricotta mixture cooled, i stuffed it into the slices of the chicken breast. now, this does get quite messy - i started out using a spoon, but gave up soon after and just used my fingers. i did have a little leftover, so i just spread it over both chicken pieces. 

from there, i sprinkled with salt and pepper, changed the cheese from white cheddar to fresh mozzarella (yum!), and sprinkled the top generously with paprika. 

i stuck it in the oven at 400* for 25 minutes. during that time, i made a simple parmesan risotto as well as some brussel sprouts mixed with bacon and parmesan (because everything tastes better with bacon!) and the flavors complimented everything delightfully. 

it turned out perfectly and oh so delicious! 

the chicken was not only moist but extremely flavorful. adding that little bit of basil and parsley really brought out the flavor. and the mozzarella... perfect addition! 


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