Wednesday, April 27, 2016

front porch sittin'

i have come to the conclusion that i may have an obsession with porches. front porches... side porches... covered porches... small porches... porches of all kinds, just so you know, i'm utterly and completely in love with you.

sure, we might be moving to arizona, but i'm pretty sure that you'll never be able to take the southern out of this girl... 

which is why i get so excited for spring/summer/fall/and, okay, winter too. the possibilities are endless! 

i'm usually perusing pinterest to gather ideas, because let's face it... you're on there anyways drooling over chocolate recipes and overpriced boots... so why not?! it's funny, really, because i have all these ideas and pin all these cute little pictures and then realize... am i really going to do all this work?


a.) my front porch is tiny + the colors aren't exactly "modern"
2.) i don't have the patience to sort through thrift stores for the "perfect" vintage accessories
iii.) daredevil season 2 + house of cards season 4 (i mean, really. the struggle is real!)

i knew that i had to get out of that funk and do it anyways because, duh, i love it and will thoroughly enjoy it. it's just that... you know... getting out and actually doing it part that gets me. :) ha! and let's be real: our house isn't just going to sell itself {although, that would faaaaaabulous!}.

i was able to find a few inspirational photos that i thought would not only work with my small space but accent the palette as well. i just love the bright colors and all of the freshly blooming plants!

so, off to hobby lobby, lowes, and marshall's i went during a lunch break. it got me out of the office, with a time limit, so not only was i focused, but excited as well. seeing both stores pop with spring colors and visions of outdoor dreams... well... it really put me in the spring + summer mood!

i was able to find some killer deals. a 5x7 teal and white outdoor rug at hobby lobby for only $20; another outdoor rug (3x5) at marshall's for only $7; and all those super cute owls and trinkets at hobby lobby were 50% off. who doesn't appreciate a good deal when you see one?!

so, onto the side porch:



and the front porch!


hopefully i was able to accomplish exactly what i was looking for... a fun and playful space with warm and inviting tones. i wanted someone to say, 'oh look at these porches! how cute!'... and hopefully, i've done just that.  

cheers, friends.

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