Monday, April 18, 2016

weekend shenanigans...

well friends, i have come to find myself face to face with yet another nemesis: monday. argh. 

thankfully i was able to get out and enjoy the fresh air as well as complete a few projects; which is why i had such a hard time believing that the weekend was over so quickly. 

after deconstructing a swing that we've had by our fire pit for five years {!!!}, i took a few cans of rust-oleum "american accents" spray paint to it and i have to say, it turned out gorgeous! 

yes, this was after i stripped it of its past cushions... trust me, it was time for a make over!

the color was eden, in a satin finish. it covered dull spots and coated everything so well that i was hooked!

i found a few chair covers that i thought went with the green and attached them with no issues. 


i think it turned out pretty nice! i have plans to find a similar teal outdoor fabric so i can cover the arms of the chair as well as the mini table that sits in between the two chairs. you can never be too comfy!

i also planted a few container plants - two tomatoes {celebrity + roma} and two peppers {banana + jalepeno} - and an herb garden located off the back deck filled with cilantro, rosemary, basil, and parsley. 

don't mind the dirty rug! ;) 


i hope your weekend was just as lovely! 

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