Tuesday, June 28, 2016

tasty tuesday: easy maple bars

oh. my. southern butt.

let me just tell you! these things are probably one of the most delicious desserts i've ever made.

i'm always a fan of doughnuts (i mean, who isn't?), so i was a little more excited to try this recipe than any of the others i've made. 

for detailed instructions, please refer to the full recipe above.

i started with a can of jumbo buttermilk biscuits.

roll each biscuit out to resemble (somewhat) a bar shape. 

while the oil is heating up, i cooked up my bacon. 


it only took a few minutes to fry the dough.

i mixed up a batch of simple icing (mixed with a little bacon grease) and smoothed it onto the bars, then added the bacon on top. 

easy peasy. 

and let me just tell you... 

mouthwatering deliciousness.


Friday, June 10, 2016


aside from performing normal "wear and tear" revisions on our house, we've also decided to undertake a somewhat bigger renovation. 

our "laundry room" is more like a "laundry wall". we've talked about adding some cabinets above it, but honestly, never got around to it.

we've always wanted more room in our kitchen and had talked about moving some things around, maybe taking out part of a wall... and i'm so glad that we didn't. as you can see, our laundry area is not only an eye sore coming into the kitchen but a space inhibitor as well. 

cue the storage closet that we have in our basement...

for now {and time passed}, the area behind those closed doors have been used for, well, storage. camping supplies, boxes of MRE's, picture frames, rolls of paper towels... everything was stored in that space.

SO. while attempting to throw out "stuff" we don't need and maximize the storage space in our attic, we're moving everything out of that closet. woo! 

after measuring and reaffirming that yes, the washer and dryer WILL fit onto the back wall, i'm so excited to move our laundry area downstairs to an actual room! 

here are some cute "inspo" ideas for the area... but since the washer and dryer will be directly below a window, some ideas will be moved around to the side of the room instead. 

                                               {via}                                                                     {via}     

                                                   {via}                                                                                   {via}      

and, well, since we'll have an empty space upstairs now... we're planning on making a coffee bar! it's no surprise that the hubs and i (and of course our friends) have an intimate relationship with coffee, so we really felt as if this addition would be a welcome one in our house. 

we'll free up counter space by moving the microwave to the second shelf of the bar and cabinet space by moving all of the coffee/tea/mugs to their own place on the bar. i plan on having the very bottom of the bar filled with rustic baskets to allow additional storage. 

more coffee bar "inspo" ideas following... 

                                                             {via}                                                                      {via}

                                                     {via}                                                                               {via}

what does everyone think?! is it a good idea? i sure hope so! 

have any ideas? show us in the comments! 

be grateful, friends!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

the great outdoors

it's hard to believe that on may 14, the hubs and i have been married for 5 years... 

so, we decided to get away for the weekend... just us and the pups at jordan lake in the camper. 
we woke up early friday morning to secure a (non-reservable) spot (ugh)... 

but luckily, we were able to get one right on the water. 

we had such a great time relaxing, recharging, eating, enjoying the water, taking nice long walks, playing with the pups... it was exactly what we both needed.

oh, yeah... and i beat him mercilessly in poker. ha ha ha!

kona - my gorgeous, water loving lab - probably had the best time out of all the pups. she swam... and retrieved... swam... and retrieved... swam... and retrieved... 

and then, of course, naps were needed by all. 

oy, and the food! i think the thing that i love about camping the best... is the food!

and of course, hangin' with my babes. 

rest easy,

guess who didn't stay 6 feet apart during quarantine?

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