Saturday, July 30, 2016

meal delivery services

it should be no surprise here when i tell people that i love food... am i right, or am i right?! 

but lately, between working a full time job, starting a small business with my husband, attempting to sell our house, caring for three dogs... 

my time is limited. very limited, in fact. 

what used to be my time for meal prepping and cooking is now replaced with social media upkeep for the business... and of course, everything else the husband calls me and asks "hey, can you check on this for me?" 

yes, dear... *grumble*  just kidding. {{loveeeee youuuuuu!}}

i found that i wasn't giving enough time for myself to make sure that i ate a decent, well balanced and healthy meal. instead, i was doing the complete opposite, which is definitely not the way i wanted to run my life - or this blog. 

so, i decided that i was going to give the following meal delivery services a try.

i wish that i could say that i had the time to plan out my meals, go to the grocery store, meal prep, prepare dinner, and deal with the plethora of leftovers i always seem to have... but i don't.

because we're so busy, because we're doing so much, because we love to take on more than we can handle (ha!)... i have to come to the realization that it's okay to spend a little more on my food budget to allow me the conveniences that meal delivery services have to offer. 

i pick my preference of meal choices. 
i wait for the box to be delivered. 
and voila... 
i have a meal with the exact ingredients that i need - no more, no less. 

after i receive my boxes, i'll do a review for each service and let you know how i believe they rank and what service i'll be choosing. 

have a happy week, friends!

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