Tuesday, August 16, 2016

meal delivery service #3: home chef

one thing that i must say first and foremost: yes, these meal delivery services are automatically sent out each week on the delivery day of your choosing... but you have the opportunity to "pause" or "skip" the delivery if you're not feeling the recipes or your budget is a little tighter that week. you won't lose your spot and you won't be penalized for it! 

okay, now... onto the good stuff!

home chef was the third meal delivery box that i received, and i chose this one next mainly because of the extensive questions regarding your food habits. allergies? low carb? there's an option for that!

signing up was super easy. after inputting my email address and zip code, you're able to set your meal preferences, such as: what you prefer to eat; if you'd like to avoid any ingredients; and if you'd prefer low carb or low calories meal options.

you also have the option to decide how many meals you'd like to cook that week (between 2-6), how many people you're cooking for (2, 4, 6), and what day of the week you'd like to receive your meals.

i really, really, really like how you're able to choose your meals for that certain week. need four meals? only need two? no big deal! with the other meal delivery services, you can only get 3 or 4 meals per week.

after you're finished signing up, you can login to access your account. when you go to "your meals", it will have your future delivery date. if you're still within a certain amount of time frame, you have the option to change your meals if you're interested in trying something different.

your box will ship overnight air via UPS (and it will send you out a tracking number). it is packed very well with reusable ice packs to keep your foods cold - and of course, mine arrived just before i got home while temperatures were in the 90*'s - and the meals were still cold! 

each meal was placed in a clear plastic bag, labeled accordingly. i could see all of the ingredients. it was super easy to grab the bag from the fridge, not having to worry about whether or not i had everything i needed. 

the recipe cards were very informative! the instructions were precise and very easy to handle. home chef also has an app which i put on my iphone and ipad to make things a bit easier while planning and cooking my meals. 

for my first week, i had the following recipes: 

double-double crispy ranch chicken sandwich
quick-braised salmon
caramelized apple chutney pork chop
chicken with tiger sauce

the dishes were simple, but i'm not complaining since i picked them. the proteins were "regulars" of mine but weren't something i'm normally going to make. i'm not ordering my meals for a variety of recipes i've never heard of, so anything you put in front of me i'll make - happily!

all of them were delicious, honestly, so i don't think i could ever pick a favorite. i saved the recipe cards so i can put together a recipe binder (since they came on 8x10 cards).

the recipes are quite precise, so there's never any time to wonder what the next step is, because it will flow continuously. i was pleasantly surprised at how much time i saved!

{the details}

food quality: {3/5} although the food was good, i found out that they source all of their food from sysco... and for me, that's not something that i necessarily would like.

recipe variety: {3/5} although the recipes were good, they were seemingly simple.

app: yes! very easy to manipulate. you can schedule and track your orders; change your meals; and glance over future recipes (with the ability to share them!).

price: 2 people/3 meals = $60/week; $9.95/serving.

pro: each meal placed in an individual bag; everything is recyclable; nutrition facts on each recipe; easy to cook.

con: food quality wasn't that great; a lot of fatty recipes; customer service is terrible.

i highly enjoyed home chef, but it is not going on my list of possible meal delivery companies.

if this isn't something that's in your budget for every week, maybe it could help out when you have your girlfriends over or when the kids are at the grandparents for the weekend or even when your schedule is too busy to think straight. it could help to save time and spend less time at the grocery store - without missing any ingredients. 

pssssst, friends of twofivethree! are you interested in trying home chef? simply click here to complete your order. :)



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