Monday, October 3, 2016

the dreaded moment has come... packing.

oh, y'all.

i literally just had the best laugh.

while talking with my husband about how i wanted to pack the house up, he simply just said, "all you have to do is throw stuff in a box. don't over complicate it."

hahahahahah hahahaha hahahahahahahahaha haha hahahahahahaha

[i'm still laughing over here]

"okay, babe. sure."

[rolls eyes]

like i'm really just going to throw stuff into a box and call it done. who does he think i am?! an animal?! no, sirree.

i'm a planner.
i'm an organizer.

i'm certainly not a disaster.

well, okay, some days i am.

but when it comes to packing up all of our stuff and moving it across the country?! nope. i'm going to want to know where exactly everything is and what all is in each and every box. i'm going to want to know which boxes to unpack first and which boxes can be saved until we get more furniture.

i'm already uprooting my life and placing it 2500 miles away... the last thing i want to be is a mess when i'm unpacking.

so... i found some ideas!

  • Wrap breakables (dishes, ets) in shirts to save on bubble wrap
  • Garbage bags over hung clothes
  • Use toilet paper rolls to organize your cords - keep wires organized by wrapping each cord up and stuffing it inside an empty roll.
  • Cover all bottles of liquid (shampoo, cleaning supplies, etc.) with plastic wrap before putting the top on.
  • Color-code all boxes.
  • Use suitcases for heaviest items (wheels and handles will make things easier).
  • Defrost fridge a day before moving out.
  • Cut handles into the sides of cardboard boxes for easy lifting.
  • Keep track of expenses - some are tax deductible!
  • Stack plates in between styrofoam plates for no-breakage.
  • Use sandwich bags for small parts + screws - then label and attach to back of item.
  • Place masking tape on mirrors (prohibits shards if glass is broke)
  • Cover utensil tray in plastic wrap.
  • Paper bags instead of newspaper - Great for glasses!
  • Use wine cases (boxes) for glasses/mugs.
  • Use potholders to store knives.
  • Fill crockpots, pans, pots, bowls with spices and other small gadgets.

do you have any else to add? 

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