Sunday, January 22, 2017

cross county drive, part 2

continuing on our drive through louisiana, we decided to stop by duck commander and get some food from bergeron's boudin + cajun meats. there is nothing like some good cajun cooking! yummmmmmm.

we finally made it to texas! and it was absolutely beautiful. i fell in love with buc-ee's, the open roads, beautiful skyline... and thought i was going to die while driving through dallas. but... i made it! and vowed to never drive through that place ever again

we stayed at campers paradise rv park,  and it wasn't a bad little place! although there was a lot of noise because of the airport being so close, it was close to the interstate and places to eat. as you can see below... somehow alice was always so tired at night - like she did anything but sleep in the car or bark at passing cars. :)

and we were off again!

...until the dodge decided to be uncooperative and i was left with all 4 dogs in my car while the truck was getting the electric fan clutch replaced. 

finally! we were off again. and that sunset! absolutely gorgeous. 

we arrived in amarillo and couldn't NOT stop at big texan. 

as we were leaving the great state of texas... we made a quick stop at cadillac ranch!


enjoy, friends!

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