Tuesday, January 3, 2017

happy 2017!

"new year, new me"


i don't want to change, i want grow.
i want to expand my horizons.
i want to learn new things.
and i'd really like to get a grasp on this "life" thing... but that's debatable.

zack and i have completely jumped out of our comfort zone, 2500 miles from where we called home. i'd say that we've lived enough new years resolutions for an entire suburb...


there are a few goals that i would like to accomplish this next year.

-would i like to lose some weight, get in shape? yeah, sure... but i'm not going to focus entirely on weight. i want to be healthy. i want to feel healthy.

-i'd like to climb a few mountains. nothing big, nothing out of country (yet). i want to explore. i want to immerse myself in nature. i want peace and i want quiet.

-every day, i'd like to write. whether its a sentence about my day or a couple pages from a writing prompt, i feel as if it would be just enough to release some creative juices.

-i want to learn a new language. something useful, something that makes me look smart. you know, no big deal.

-i really really really really really would like to conquer yoga and not kill myself. that's all.

-i want to learn to paint. maybe a self portrait, maybe a beautiful mountain landscape. something that will allow me to work with colors and express the views i see on a daily basis.

anyone else have any goals that they would like to accomplish this year?

enjoy, friends!

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