Friday, March 3, 2017

cross country drive, part 3 - we're home!

the remainder of our trip was spent in new mexico, arizona, and finally... utah! the views were absolutely beautiful so i honestly didn't mind the remainder of the drive.

alice spent the majority of the trip barking at other cars, sleeping, and reminding mia with a stern talking to that 3/4 of the backseat was hers (poor mia!).

we stayed at route 66 RV resort in albuquerque, new mexico and it was AMAZING! it was a brand new facility with a wonderful dog park that was close to our site - which we were so grateful for!

dinner at the buffet in the casino was delicious...

but we ended our night with a dr pepper by the fire!

on the way to flagstaff with my trusty co-pilot!

driving into arizona, we stopped in winslow at the remembrance garden (where they had steel beams from the world trade center) and a part of route 66.

the lone road to the meteor crater!

and finally... we made it to flagstaff where we stayed at the canyon motel and rv park. we had such an amazing time at this cute little campground!

the very next day we made a trip into sedona. absolutely beautiful! 

we started our trip into the grand canyon the next day but first stopped for some amazing freshly cooked cheeseburgers!

the next morning we had an amazing breakfast at old smokey's restaurant in williams, arizona. we relaxed for the majority of the day - did some laundry, some exploring with the pups, and of course... getting ready for our maiden journey into utah!

finally - we made it! our new home state!

once we finally made it into salt lake, we stayed at the koa. it was such a nice, refreshing opportunity to settle down for a few days! the girls were excited that they would be out of the car, and we were excited that we finally made it to our new home. 

we found some good restaurants - tacos, chicken and waffles, in-n-out... and also picked up some necessities for the new house! :)

moving in was such a blur! all i could do was stare at my hardwood floors and beautiful granite countertops.

we had a nice fire outside and the pups were able to enjoy roaming their new backyard!

from selling our home to moving into a house 2500 miles away from everything i've ever known... it has been such a wild ride, friends. and i wouldn't trade it for the world! 

we're absolutely loving utah and cannot wait to continue to explore this beautiful state. 

be well, 

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