Sunday, October 27, 2019

pregnancy at a glance


I have to admit... I always thought that pregnancy wasn't that bad. I mean, some swollen feet and back pain? I could TOTALLY deal with that.

hahahahahahahaha hahahah hahahahahahaaaaa hahahahaahahahaha

I have to admit, up to week 33, it wasn't SO bad. Sure, I was nauseous all the time and couldn't really eat, but I felt okay and was actually catching up on my sleep. And then... my feet swelled so bad that I couldn't walk, my back felt like it was breaking, my maternity clothes stopped fitting so well, and I began to waddle. Ugh.

Zack and I caught up on "us" time, knowing that it wasn't going to be as easy in the future to spend time together.

I had regular weekly doctors appointments, each one confirming that I would be induced because of EG's size (yay?).

I slept.
I ate.

...and that's pretty much it.

Overall, I'd rate pregnancy as 6/10. Could be better, could be worse... but the end product was definitely a 10/10. Totally worth every ounce of nausea and pain.

Now, let's raise this baby! 

guess who didn't stay 6 feet apart during quarantine?

hello, everyone!  we're super excited to announce that we are naturally, spontaneously, unexpectedly... pregnant!  we remain entirely op...