Tuesday, December 31, 2019

our 2019

I'm sitting here in bed, recovering from having my gallbladder removed yesterday, thinking about how in awe I am of our 2019. It wasn't perfect, but at times it sure felt like it.


Our first photo of Emma Grace! She was already hatching as a day 5 embryo.

Zack and I waiting patiently for our FET to begin! 


We're pregnant! We went in to get my HCG tested on a Friday morning... that afternoon we received the best call we could get. "You're pregnant!!!!" Man I miss those lovely ladies at Utah Fertility Center. 

Our first ultrasound at 7 weeks! Our little bee was buzzing all around with a healthy heartbeat. We couldn't believe our eyes - we had worked so hard for this moment and here it was. :) 


Our 9 week ultrasound was our last visit to Utah Fertility Center! We "graduated" by signing our names on the tree of life. Just look at that little gummy bear! 

We announced that we were having a little girl! 

Pregnancy was rough. I was sick all the time, which made it impossible to get out of bed. Thank goodness I had the best snuggles around, my sweet sweet Kona girl. <3


We visited Moab in April and I fell in love all over again! It was absolutely beautiful and we can't wait to take Emma. 

Which, coincidentally, Emma decided to "pop out" and say hi! Only fitting that we were at Arches National Park. Safe to say she already loves the outdoors! 

263 shots. 2 egg retrieval cycles. 1 frozen embryo transfer. All worth it for this sweet babe! 


Hello, spring! We were so glad to see those beautiful spring flowers.


We also took a day trip to Idaho, where we found a beautiful river to sit by, as well as a farmers market where I somehow found my favorite snack - fruit with tajin! 


Just look at that growing belly! 


Our 20 week ultrasound showed off our girls long legs and cute button nose. We confirmed that she was absolutely perfect, but I had placenta previa and had to see the high risk OB a few times to check on it. 

We celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary with flowers and crab legs. He's the best chef around! 


I started with Rodan + Fields in June! You all know how much I love skincare and it only made sense for me to get into it even further with the best products around! 


June also brought my birthday - hello, 34! And that meant self-care... like a pedicure and hair color. The best feeling! 


Alice also got presents for my birthday - a new rope leash and a beautiful pink harness! She loves showing it off. 


I have a problem - a HUSKY problem! It seems that I just can't say no to sweet rescue pups. Meet Arya, the newest member of our family! 

We went to Moab over the 4th of July. We had an amazing time! 

My sweet Kona girl doing what she did best - snoozin' and looking cute. 


Showing off my bump! :) 

We had a 3D ultrasound at our high risk OB's office. Look at that cute face! 

Arya fit in quite well - she's best friends with Alice and loves going to the race track to visit her dad at work! 


Oh, how these huskies loved my bump! 


We continued to prepare for Kona's declining health by giving her whatever she wanted - cuddles, food, and a trip to the dog park to swim. :) 


We went to the Utah State Fair and had so much fun! A sweet friend took some photographs of us... aren't we cute? 

We started getting ready for our sweet girls arrival - we had everything but her! 



The beginning of October was difficult - we had to put my sweet Kona girl down, thankfully we were able to call a service to do it at our home. My heart still aches without her here. 

The last bump picture I took at home! This was the morning my water broke. 

Good morning, LDS! We're here to have a baby! 

Her birth was insane, but it definitely made October my favorite month! 

Emma's first trip to the pumpkin patch! 

Happy Halloween!



 Happy Thanksgiving! We enjoyed a nice day of staying inside, with our sweet neighbors bringing us plates of food! We're super blessed with where we live.

We learned that the one way for mom to get anything done around the house was to baby wear! Emma loves to be held close. :) 

Emma had her first snow day! It's safe to say that her parents enjoyed it more than she did. 

Emma loves tummy time! And Arya enjoys watching over her Human. :) 




Merry Christmas! 

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