Sunday, January 12, 2020

How A Mint Always Ruined My Day

I know, right? A mint? Surely she must be exaggerating...


As some of you know, I developed gallbladder issues while pregnant. It started out as back pain, then got to the point where it wrapped around my ribs, and I was physically nauseous... so much worse than my regular pregnancy nausea. I felt so much intense, righteous pain that I knew I must have been in pre-term labor.

While in Labor + Delivery, I was diagnosed with gallstones and was having a gallbladder attack. UGH. It was absolute torture! My OB assured me that it can be taken out AFTER my pregnancy, which I was fine with, but still had those awful attacks until I gave birth.

I honestly hoped that I was out of the woods and those attacks would disappear after I gave birth, but nope. After a few attacks (all in the middle of the night, when Em was still waking up every 3-4 hours) I made an appointment with my GP, and then a referral was made to a general surgeon, I FINALLY had a surgery date - December 30.

I was told all the things - don't wear makeup, wash your hair, don't eat or drink within 8 hours of your surgery time...

Easy peasy, right? I thought so too.

The morning of my surgery, I thought hey, we're going to be right in the neighborhood, why not get my eyebrows and nose waxed before we go? Two birds, one stone.


I love my waxing place. We've been going there since we moved to Utah, and they've always been so pleasant and kind. They also have the BEST mints on the counter, so after every session, I'd always pop a few in my mouth and enjoy. I've been doing this for years.

So when we went to checkout, after telling our esthetician about the surgery, I handed her my signed receipt and automatically grabbed a few mints and popped them right in my mouth. SO good! It was like I hadn't eaten in 12 hours or something.

(Still hadn't hit me.)

We go next door to the chiropractor since we were still early and Zack got adjusted. As we were checking out there, it hit me.


I was FREAKING out. Poor Zack had to deal with me worrying the entire way into the hospital, and he could only laugh. OF COURSE I would eat something before surgery!

Once I was checked in, the nurse thought it was fine since it would be about 3 hours until they took me back into the operating room, but would check with my surgeon and anesthesiologist.

When my surgeon came into my room, he gasped. "YOU HAD A MINT?!?!"

Instantly, my hands went to my face. "YES! It was about an hour and a half ago and-"

He laughed.

"It's okay! I'm not worried. By the time we get you back in the delivery room, the appropriate amount of time will have passed. Besides... it was just a mint!"

WHEW. I could finally breathe. Everything was going to be fine! But, seriously, just a mint?! I fretted over this debacle for hours!

Then my anesthesiologist walked into the room a few minutes later. "SO YOU'RE THE ONE WHO ATE A MINT?!"

-Cue the embarrassment.
-Cue the laughter.


I literally thought a mint was going to ruin my day. 

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