Tuesday, February 11, 2020

the birth of emma grace

*Warning: Long story ahead! And TMI. (duh)

*Also, trigger warning. My c-section wasn't all that great.

On  Monday, October 7th, I had my last OB appointment scheduled with my amazingly sweet doctor, Dr. Mutscheller. She has been such a godsend through this entire process and I don't know what I would have done without her!

Nothing had changed (ugh!), I was still maybe dilated to a 1, and she hadn't dropped. SO, we went ahead and scheduled a c-section for that upcoming Thursday - yay! Only a few days away!

Zack's mom, Dianne, and my mom, Bobbie, had both already come in and were helping me out tremendously since Zack was on his way home, driving back from Ohio. They were making sure that we had everything ready for this little bundle of joy that was coming soon!

As Monday turned into Tuesday, I had a quick phone call to Zack since he got into Nebraska late, and mentioned how our Alice boo was acting strange. Usually she jumps right into bed with me and cuddles up snug, but instead she laid by the door and didn't really want to much to deal with me.

My emotions were already thinking the worst - was she upset because she knew there was a baby in there?! Why didn't she want to be with me?!

Around 1:15am, I woke up suddenly with the urge to pee (TMI? eh, this is a birth story, nothing is TMI!) and, well, peed all over myself... or so I thought. Once I got back into bed, it happened again and that's when I started to think that maybe it was my water.

I mean, I had never had my water break before, so how should I know?

Going downstairs, I told my mom and we decided that if it happened again, we would go into labor and delivery. I laid in bed, tried to call Zack, unsuccessfully, and waited. An hour later, it happened again, and well, we were off to LDS Hospital!

Zack wasn't answering his phone, so of course, I panicked. I called his hotel and was transferred to his room, where a very confused and sleepy husband answered the phone.

"It's your wife!"
"...I know."
"I think my water broke."
"Wait. You THINK?!"

Ha. We left the house around 4am, Zack leaving his hotel around the same time with coffee, every one of us nervous about the anticipation of what was happening. Was this it? Or was I about to embarrass myself and have a nurse tell me that I really just peed myself?

Once we arrived and got settled into a room, they tested fluid and what do you know - my water really had broken! The L+D nurses called Dr. Mutscheller, where we started medication to soften my cervix. I still had no contractions and was not dilated - so no one was concerned that the baby was coming before Zack could get there (I mean... he was 720 miles away!).

Those 15 hours were definitely the easiest! I had breakfast, lunch, continued with the meds - with no change - and kept in constant contact with Zack. We watched movies (Jurassic Park for the win!) and waited for any kind of change. Around 5pm I started getting uncomfortable - more contractions showed up and my hips (hello, bursitis) were really starting to hurt.

I took a shower, had an amazing visitor (You're the best, Amanda!), and Zack arrived with food! It was definitely nice to take some time and just relax off the monitors before the real fun began.

Around 8pm, the anesthesiologist came in and inserted my epidural with no problems! It worked amazingly. 8:30pm, they started the Pitocin, and I had NO idea - I was watching my contractions on the screen and couldn't feel a thing.

Zack and I were able to get some much needed sleep. Our sweet nurses woke me up around 12:30am to check on me and see how I was doing. I felt fine - but my hips really hurt, and after telling her that, she decided to check me - and what do you know, I was at 9.5 centimeters! Things started picking up and Dr. Mutscheller arrived to get the show on the road!

I started pushing around 1:30am, and did great! It did take a couple times for me to get the hang of it, but after that things really started progressing... and then it didn't. Pushing took everything out of me - I was throwing up, so incredibly hot, and my hips were on fire. Also, no one tells you about the shakes. I swear, no matter that I did, my entire body shook! We ended up taking a 15 minute break where I was able to take a quick cat nap and continue.

But... her head just couldn't get through, so after 3 hours of pushing, we made the call to do a c-section.


We were warned about the possibility of extra bleeding because of all the pushing, but I was just done and knew that this was the only way I'd get to see our little girl. I was terrified! What if something went wrong, how was the recovery time... this wasn't what I was prepared for!

But I trusted my doctor, and knew that she had me 110%, so off we went!


Zack was perfect. He held my hand, told me everything was going to be okay, and was just so incredibly attentive during the whole process.

And then, that incredible moment came.

The moment that I knew I would never be the same again.
The moment my heart grew two sizes.
The moment our miracle baby came into this world.

Zack's voice was indescribable as he exclaimed, "There she is! Look at her!"

Y'all. I melted.

I heard her little cries and all I could do was think, 'We did it!'

She was passed through to a group of pediatrician's who looked her over and made sure she was okay. Zack went with her, and I couldn't wait until I saw them both again. 

I remember feeling really odd, the shakes finally stopped, but all of a sudden felt really warm. Turns out, because of all my pushing, I bled wayyy too much, and lost almost 2 liters of blood. My doctor is amazing and was able to control everything effectively (yay!) but I ended up having to get two  blood transfusions while in the hospital (boo). 

When Zack and Emma finally walked back into the OR, my heart melted all over again. 

"Seven pounds, 14 ounces!" He announced, cradling our sweet baby girl. 

Y'all. I just had a baby, was still on the operating table, and my ovaries went mad. 

She was put in my arms, we were wheeled back to our labor and delivery room where the grandmas couldn't get enough of her (I mean, who could blame them?). 

Our lives were just beginning! 

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